250 Paper Clips, 3 Sizes (1.1/1.96/3.9 inches) and 5 Colors, Suitable for organizing documents, Offices, Schools and Individuals


About this item

  • You will get: 250 color paper clips per box. There are three sizes, which can meet your requirements for various sizes: small size (1.1 inches, 180 pcs), large size (1.96 inches, 60 pcs), and super large size (3.9 inches, 10 pcs). Random collocation of 5 gorgeous colors
  • One time purchase can meet various requirements, without additional purchase for other situations, saving a lot of time. And the colorful appearance is suitable for organizing documents at home, school or office. These paper clips are very attractive and can make your documents more exciting and personalized.
  • Features: A box (5.4*3.9*1.3inches) contains five boxes of paper clips of different sizes. The paper clips are packaged in a reusable transparent box, making your desk or desk drawer clean and convenient for storing paper clips.
  • Material and purpose: These paper clips are made of metal and coated with plastic. High quality metal is not easy to rust or break, and can be used repeatedly. It can be used not only to store office, school and daily documents, but also as DIY, bookmark, album folder, business card folder and envelope folder
  • With beautiful products, various sizes and exquisite packaging, this multi size paper clip will bring colorful and convenient life and work experience.